Do you know that there are 6 stave churches in Valdres vallay and 6 stave churches in historic Numedalen and Hallingdal? And that it will  take you only a couple of hours  drive from Oslo to reach them? And that the stave churches in Sogn are centrally situated between Oslo and Bergen?

The stave churches are Norway’s unique contribution to World Architecture and they are definitively worth visiting.  You can manage to see a number of them during one journey. The most beautiful time for a visit is late spring or early autumn.  You will have no problems finding a nice place to stay.  Enjoy your trip (but please remember to check opening hours before you start your journey).

All routes are based on driving. It is more complicated to travel by means of public transport, but for public transport itineraries we recommend and

The stave churches in the Sognefjord area

Access from Oslo: E16 to Borgund stave church (3,5 hours, 260 km)

Access from Bergen: E 16 to Borgund (3 hours, 217 km)

Route: Borgund Stave Church – E16/Historic Route – Lærdal – ferry connection Fodnes-Mannheller – Road 5 Kaupanger Stave Church – Urnes Stave Church – Road 55 take off to Solvorn. Ferry connection  Solvorn – Ornes – Solvorn  towards Sogndal and Hella, ferry connection Hella – Vangsnes, Road 13 to Hopperstad Stave Church and Hove Stone Church.


  • Approximate duration; 2 days
  • Means of transportation: car
  • Total length: appr. 160 km
  • County: Sogn og Fjordane
  • Municipalities; Lærdal, Sogndal, Luster, Vik
  • Stave churches; Borgund, Kaupanger, Urnes, Hopperstad

Route description:

Start at Borgund Stave Church. Follow signs ”Historic Route” towards Lærdal. After Lærdal cross the Sognefjord from Fodnes to Mannheller by car ferry. Continue on road 5 till you see road signs for Kaupanger stavkyrkje. Take off for a visit to this beautiful stave church by the Sognefjord. Continue your journey towards Sogndal. Take off towards Sognefjellet (road 55). Take off towards Solvorn/Urnes and take ferry connection  and cross the fjord from Solvorn to Ornes. After your visit you return to Solvorn and drive towards Sogndal on your way to Hopperstad Stave Church in Vik. You cross the Sognefjord again from Hella to Vangsnes, and drive along the fjord to Vik. For accommodation;, for ferry crossings;

The stave churches in Valdres

Access from Oslo; E16 to Nes in Ådal (1 hour 45 min, 115 km)


Nes in Ådal – Hedalen Stave Church – E16 Begnadalen – Bagn – Reinli Stave Church – E16 Bagn – Fagernes – FV 51 – Fagernes – Hegge Stave Church – Skammestein – Eggeåsen – Lomen Stave Church – Ryfoss – Høre Stave Church – E16 toward Øye Stave Church.


  • Approximate duration: 1 – 2 days. Accommodation in Fagernes, Heggenes, Beitostølen and Vang:
  • Means of transportation; car
  • Total length: 160 km
  • County: Oppland
  • Municipalities: Sør-Aurdal, Nord-Aurdal, Øystre Slidre, Vestre Slidre, Vang
  • Stave churches; Hedalen, Reinli, Hegge, Lomen, Høre and Øye

This route takes you through Valdres Valley passing by 6 stave churches.  Starting point is Nes municipality in Ådal and it ends in Øye in Vang municipality.  It is possible to continue on the E16 via Filefjell mountain towards the Borgund stave church and the other stave churches in Sogn. You can also drive the tour in the opposite direction by starting in Øye and finish in Nes.

Route description:

From Nes, follow sign to the left on road 243 towards Hedalen and Hedalen Stave Church. After your visit follow E16 and continue via Bagn  to Reinli for a visit to Reinli Stave Church. After visit follow E16 direction Fagernes. Turn right on road 51 towards Beitostølen and visit Heggenes and Hegge Stave Church. Continue on road 51 towards Ryfoss and E16. Follow signs to Lomen and Lomen Stave Church. From Lomen, continue towards Ryfoss and turn to right towards Høre Stave Church. After your visit you return to Ryfoss and continue westbound on the E16 via Vang to Øye and Øye Stave Church.  After Øye we recommend you continue on the E16 direction Lærdal towards Borgund Stave Church.

The stave churches in Hallingdal and Numedal

Access: From Oslo. Follow E7 towards Geilo. The journey takes 3,5 hours

For accommodation: and,

Route description:

On your way from Oslo, visit Torpo Stave Church in Ål municipality. Continue your journey towards Geilo. Take road 40 and drive to Dagali. We recommend a visit to the Dagali museum. Continue towards Øvre Uvdal and Uvdal Stave Church. From Uvdal, continue along the Norefjord to Nore Stave Church. Other stave churches in the Numedalen valley are the Rollag Stave Church and the Flesberg Stave Church.