Photo: Fredrik Eriksen

Øye Stave Church was torn in 1747, when the community got a new wooden church. In 1935 there were found as many as 156 parts from the stave church under the floor of the wooden church. These parts were the basis for the reconstruction of the old stave church in 1953-65.

The stave church is rectangular outside with steep shavings dressed roofs. The eastern aisle is more narrow and lower than the nave, and all around the church there is a gallery. The two carved portals in the church now are copies, the originals from the Middle Ages are in a museum.

The interior is simple with bare woodwork. The floor boards are original, but the rest of the building material is mostly copying and reconstructions of the old church. In the choir there is a later painted crucifix from the Middle Ages. A painted altar frontal, i.e. an altar bib, is preserved in a museum. The font used for baptizing is from the Middle Ages and is carved from one tree. It came from St.Thomas’ Church at Filefjell when that church was torn in 1808. The font lid is also preserved.

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20th of June – 18th of August
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