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    The idea for this website was initiated by Stavkyrkjeeigarforum (organisation of Norwegian stave church owners), in cooperation with The National Trust of Norway. Through we aim to spread information on all 28 remaining medieval stave churches in Norway.

    Each year approximately 500.000 people visit our stave churches and the numbers of visitors are growing. This increase of visitors is positive, but it also proves a challenge for the owners of the most visited stave churches. One of our goals is to spread the number of visitors more evenly.

    The main goal of Stavkyrkjeeigarforum is to secure our stave churches for the future. The owners are:

    • Fortidsminneforeningen The National Trust of Norway. Owns 8 stave churches. The National Trust of Norway is a private, voluntary organisation that has been preserving and protecting places of historic and cultural importance around the country since 1844.
    • The Church of Norway. Owns 17 stave churches. The majority of these are in use as parish churches.
    • The three publicly owned museums Norsk Folkemuseum (Oslo), Maihaugen (Lillehammer) and Sverresborg Folkemuseum (Trondheim) own 1 stave church each.

    The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage, The Church of Norway and KA Arbeidsgiverorganisasjon for kirkelige virksomheter are respected partners for the stave church owners on matters such as management and economy.

    Contact regarding

    Jon E. Tamnes
    Manager Fortidsminneforeninga Sogn og Fjordane
    +47 916 39 648

    Tamnes has, on behalf of Stavkyrkjeeigarforum, the redactional responsibility for this website. He is employed by The National Trust of Norway/Sogn og Fjordane, and lives in Lærdal in Sogn.

    Ann-Kristin Sørvik

    Leader of the board of Stave Church Owners Association
    +47 951 81 111

    The new leader of Stavkyrkjeeigarforum, who is also manager of Kvernes stave church, is hoping that the stave churches, as one of Norways most important cultural treasures, will be better communicated to children and young people. She will also encourage the individual stave church to find «its niche» and develop more cooperation with other cultural institutions in their neighbourhoods, for common purpose and benefit.

    Hanne Moltubakk Kempton
    Senior advisor, KA
    +47 928 31 416

    Employed by KA. Her fields of expertise are cultural heritage and conservation work. She also functions as secretary to the Stavkyrkjeeigarforum. emphasizes that all information on our web pages should be as accurate as possible. However, we assume no liability for errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the information available and do not cover any costs or losses incurred as a result.