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This small stave church is located close to West Telemark Museum, location Eidsborg.

Take a guided journey through 800 years of history… Hear about the Stave Church and the changes in beliefs and conventions over this period.
Learn about the legend of the Holy St. Nicholas. The church was dedicated to St.Nicolaus (locally called Nikuls), and a statue of this saint was very central in a local culture that remained well into the 1700s.

The Eidsborg Stave Church is believed to be built between 1250 and 1270 and is one of the best preserved examples of 28 protected stave churches in Norway this is quite a contrast to the Middle Ages when there were more than 1000 stave churches in the country. This unique building form is seen as Norway’s contribution to world architecture.

The church was restored in 2005-2008 and is still in use. The stave church is of a kind that has the exterior covered entirely with chipping. There are many interesting details to this church, such as runes, carvings, and interior décor from the 1600s and a bell tower from 1727. In the summer months (June, July, August) there are guided tours to the church several times every day.

Out of season the museum can organize guided tours by pre-booking.

Opening hours
Vest-Telemark museum has tours at 11, 13 and 15 in the period 15.6 – 15.8 (with the reservation of ecclesiastical actions in 
the church).
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