Photo: Arne Perlestensbakken

Hedalen Stave Church dates back to approximately 1150-1200. Today the church is shaped as a cross, but since the Middle Ages a serious amount of this is expansion. It is in fact only the left arm of the cross that is original. The chancel was demolished in 1699. The high-spirited rooftop dates back to 1740, and in 1902 the chancel was extended and the roof was covered in slate. The church has an astonishing medieval gate with beautiful details such as animal heads and small dragons.

The church room is modestly furnished with open church benches from around 1900 and walls without any paint. The church has an abundance of church art from the Middle Ages. The altar-piece consists of a medieval crucifix attached to a sanctuary. In 1766, the rose-painter Hovel Gaarder re-painted the crucifix and gave the cabinet flowers in Baroque style. Originally it was the Madonna Sculpture on the north side of the corridor that had its place in this cabinet. On the south wall there is a church model that originally crowned the sanctuary.

On a shelf in the chancel stands a relic of the mid-1200s. It has the shape of a church and is made of gilded copper cans attached to wooden slabs, and with imagery sculptured on all sides. The font is made of soapstone with carved wooden lid from the Middle Ages. In the choir there are also remains of a crucifix and a osculatorium (Pax plate) from the 13th century. In the church there are also a number of paintings from the 1600s and 1700s. It is also preserved a bearskin from the 13th century framed in the church.

Opening Hours 2024

1st of July – 11th of August

The church is open from 11:00 to 17:00 every monday,  thursday, friday, saturday and sunday of the term.


Adults: NOK. 100,-

Children: NOK. 50,-

Families: (2 Adults 2 Children): NOK. 250,-

Groups: (10 or more) (price pr.pers): NOK. 75,-

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