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Hegge is the main church in Øystre Slidre, and is believed to have been built in the early thirteenth century from materials taken from two previous churches.

The old church is still characterized by the eight big staves or columns in the nave. They are connected and held in place by double horizontal beams with St. Andrew’s crosses between the beams. The staves rise above the ceiling, which was added up later, up to the truss roof. Originally there was a covered gallery all around the outside of the church so that the gallery roof was topped by the church roof.

We know it was restored in 1694, 1706 and 1712. In 1844 it was enlarged so that the choir was as large as the nave. The lathe turned pillars were put in between nave and choir. In 1864 the sacristy was added, and a ceiling put in over the old church. The church was restored in 1923-24. Stone foundations were put in and new stairs to the gallery and tower. The inner portal with its magnificent carvings’ dates from the thirteenth century.

The altar piece, which was carved in 1782 by Østern Kiørn from Heidal, has its own story: Four men from the parish who had been to Gudbrandsdalen to buy or sell cattle, got caught in such a terrible storm that they promised God that if they survived, each would give the value of a cow to Hegge Stave Church. They survived, ordered and payed for the altar-piece and drew it on a sleigh over the mountains at Easter time the following year. On the altar are two pairs of distinctive candlesticks from about 1600, a chalice from 1685 and three ancient bibles, printed in 1699, 1738 and 1764. The church has a chasuble from 1792.

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