Photo: Fredrik Eriksen

Reinli Stave Church has a distinctive look, with roof over the roof and crosses on the rooftops. The church has a rectangular ground plan, with ships and chancel of the same width. The chancel has an apsis, and around the church room runs a built-in gallery. The shredded brick roof is steep, and a small ridge turret is placed on the rooftop.

The interior of the church has undergone significant changes throughout the years. According to the accounts, a number of works were carried out in 1700. The medieval rood screen, which stood between the midwives, was removed, a new pulpit was acquired, the altar was renewed, and the altar and some chairs were repaired.

In 1884-85 new interventional changes were made. New benches were put in and a new large west gallery was set up. The medieval doors of Madonna cabinets were assembled and painted into an altarpiece. First, the middle field was decorated with the ascension of Christ, and in the 1920s the side panels were painted with Moses, Aaron, the sermon on the mountain and the Crucifixion. The old pulpit, which in the meanwhile served as a grain binge, was put into the ship again.

In connection with the examination and repairs in the 1970s, the western gallery was removed and the benches from the 1880s were replaced by chairs. Of medieval inventory, only the altarpiece and the baptismal font of soapstone are left in the church room. The church has a crucifix from the 17th century, a memorial panel from 1799 and a font blackboard dating back to 1828.

Opening Hours 2024

1st of July – 11th of August

The church is open from 11:00 to 17:00 every monday,  thursday, friday, saturday and sunday of the term.


Adults: NOK. 100,-

Children: NOK. 50,-

Families: (2 Adults 2 Children): NOK. 250,-

Groups: (10 or more) (price pr.pers): NOK. 75,-

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