Photo: Dagfinn Rasmussen

Kaupanger Stave Church was probably built around 1140. The present stave church is the third church on the same location

Its size and number of posts is what makes Kaupanger Stave Church stand out from other stave churches, as well as its interior. The church architecture is also quite different from other stave churches. There are very few carvings on walls, posts and other parts of the interior. This emphasizes the sense of height you experience entering the church. The church is built entirely out of pine from the forest of Kaupanger, and almost with no use of iron rivets. It has been suggested that the roofing and annex were added to the church shortly after the reformation. Also the interior, pews, and the font used for baptism, were added in the 16th centurt, after the reformation.

The fact that the church has been in continuous use, and still is the parish church, also adds to its unique character.

Opning hours

Season 2023: 15th June – 15th August
Open all days: 10:00 to 17:00
Please book group visits in advance.




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