Photo: Fredrik Eriksen

Høre Stave Church has a basilica form, i. e. the middle nave is taller than the side naves. Over the roof there is an acute spire.

In the 1900th century the church was rebuilt and got a new choir and bigger naves. But the original construction of the nave from the 12th century is kept as a skeleton inside. The staves in the nave show clearly the original size of the building.

The new panel-work in the church is not painted, neither is the roof or the benches, and the gorgeous carvings stand out in the room. The entrance to the choir and the pulpit are on the other hand richly decorated. The entrance, which has the inscription “Fearing God and honoring the King”, is from 1828, but has also parts from the Middle Ages. The two portals have carved animal heads with vines and branches growing out.

The altarpiece, which is carved and painted by Tomas Tomasson Tørstad in 1800, is framed by carved flowers and foliage, with Christ on the cross flanked by Moses and Aron. The pulpit is probably made by the same artist. Except for a censer there is nothing left of the original Middle Age inventory in the church.

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Opening hours
6/18/2022 - 8/14/2022
The church is open everyWednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Adult: 60, Children: 40, Family: 150, Group: 50 (Minimum 10)
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Facts about the church

Year of construction:1179



Address:Hørevegen 350,2973RYFOSS

Guided tours: Yes

Food and beverages available: No


Parking: Yes

HC parking: Yes

Toilets: Yes

HC toilets: Yes

Wheelchair access:Ja, via hovedinngangen

Wheelchair space:Designated space


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