Treat the stave churches with care! The stave churches have survived for more than 800 years.  It is our shared responsibility to preserve them for many generations to come. We ask you therefore to refrain from touching the fittings and carvings, and please do not to lean against posts and walls.

Please also refrain from:

  • Entering the churches with large bags/suitcases or pack-sacks
  • Eating and drinking in the stave church
  • Running and making a lot of noise. Please remember, this is a church.
  • Bringing your dog (with the exception of a guide-dog). This rule applies for both the grave-yard area and the interior of the stave church
  •  Using drones in the direct vicinity and over the stave churches
  • Taking photographs inside for commercial purposes, or using tripods

Thank you for your understanding. Enjoy your visit!