The Society for the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments was established in 1844 by Norwegian artists who had discovered Norway’s cultural heritage during artistic excursions to the scenic mountains and valleys. The founders were inspired by the organisations dedicated to cultural history abroad. In the vanguard were the painters J. C. Dahl and Joachim Frich. Historians, art historians and archaeologists took part in the activities of the Society from the beginning.

The Society is a national organisation based on voluntary efforts and was founded and run by prominent personalities at a time when the general public had not yet become aware of the valuable heritage our ancestors had created.

The Society owns more than 40 properties, among them eight stave churches and four stone ones.

Practically all the properties are conserved by and under the administration of the chapter to which they belong.

The aim of the Society for the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments is to create interest in Norway’s cultural heritage monuments and to promote efforts to preserve them and their surroundings.

The society is open to everyone.

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